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[Table] IAmA: IAm 'Diamond' Joe Biden, Presented by The Onion. Ask Me Anything

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Date: 2013-01-18
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Questions Answers
Question from real Joe Biden: Link to twitter.com. Diamond Joe.
@VP: Q for @reddit AMA with my @TheOnion pal: A Trans-Am? Ever look under the hood of a Corvette? #imavetteguy –VP pic.twitter.com/xPGMBBYl. Those glorified Camaros aint good for nothing but smokin' the tires.
Airplanes have the "Mile High Club". What is having sex on a DC-bound Amtrak train called? My daily commute ;)
Hey Diamond, thanks for doing this. What's the best way to hide an erection in a kimono? Just stick it in there. I guarantee that she won't mind at all.
If you had to give one piece of life advice to a 5-year-old, what would it be? Get some teenage tail while it's still legal for you.
If you could unilaterally pass any law and you wouldn't have to face any public repercussions, what would it be? I've been buggin' the FCC for years to allow full penetration on network television.
I want to get laid on an Amtrak train, how would you suggest I go about doing that? Just walk up to the señorita of your choice, introduce yourself with confidence, and compliment her tits. Works every time.
Also, what's Rampart? One of my interns said I should mention that and it'd get a good response on Reddit.
Where did you get the nickname "Diamond"? That one came from the ladies. See Ol' Joe's dick can cut through just about anything.
You vs. Putin, Thunderdome rules- who wins and how? Putin. Jesus fucking christ, that guy is scary. I don't want to go within twenty miles of that dome.
What do you think is the biggest thing you've accomplished in your career? I once stole an entire pallet of Bud Light Lime from the back of an idling truck.
What's the most amazing way you've ever opened a beer bottle? On a bouncer's skull. Coulda gotten in a lot of trouble for that one but fortunately I gave a fake ID earlier.
Yo, Diamond Joe, where does Barry keep his stash? is it in the nuclear codes briefcase? please tell me it's in the nuclear codes briefcase. Barracuda's a close bud of mine, but a little too clean to have his own stash. In my autobiography I talk about the first time I got him high.
Have you banged Michelle in the Lincoln bedroom? That woman has snapped bigger men than me in half. If can keep this on the down low, she's the one foxy lady that terrifies Diamond Joe
Would you rather shag one Adele-sized Mila Kunis, or 100 Mila Kunis-sized Adeles? I'd be grinning ear to ear if either of them were sitting on my lincoln log. Both are sexy as hell.
What was your longest sober streak? The amount of time between chugs.
Boxers or briefs? None of the above.
What is the best place in the White House to "Five Knuckle Shuffle?" Plenty of great spots to release the tension, but I prefer to rub one out up on the White House roof.
How did you maintain your cool and manage not to put Paul Ryan in a rear naked choke hold during the debate? Centre College is a sweet joint, kickass ragers and plenty of peaches to nibble on. I don't want to get banned from there. I saved it for the parking lot.
Loved your cameo on Parks & Rec. You've already said you won't marry or kill, but if you had to pick one to fuck: Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, or Retta? Well, I guess I'd pick all four of them again. If you catch my drift.
When you're workin' on your car, listenin' to the game on the radio, what are you drinking, Miller or Bud? Depends what's on sale at Giant Eagle.
Yo Joe I just scored a shitload of beers from a dumpster but my Bonneville broke down. Can I trade you some loot for a lift? I gotta do this bullshit Reddit thing later today, but I'll swing by in right after.
Did you pick up any Spanish in Mexico? I picked up some little Spanish critters in a Tijuana cathouse, but I shaved down there and they split.
Palin or Bachmann? Now, I'd sure like to get under the hood of both members of the Grand Old Poon party.
In a recent Supreme Court ruling of United States vs. Bormes, The Court characterized the Little Tucker Act as merely "gap-filling" and, therefore, superseded when a statute authorizing a claim for damages set forth its own specific enforcement procedures, as did the FCRA. My question is this, could you bang Sonia Sotomayor unconscious? This is a great question and i'd love to answer it, but I've been busy as hell getting ready for all this inauguration shit. My buddy Blaze hooked me up with some killer bud so I'm planning on getting super baked.
It's kind of a hassle that I have to wake up so early for the ceremony, but I never turn down the opportunity to be that close to justice Sotomayor.
If you could sleep with any First Lady, who would it be? Martha Washington. A guy like Big G could have tapped any woman he wanted in the 13 colonies and picked her. I'm inclined to follow his lead.
What's this we're hearing about you being a Corvette guy? I might be wiggin' out a little right now, but I think there's some imposter out there spreading bad shit about me. I'll tell ya right now, whatever they say nothing can come between me and my Zam.
What thoughts were going through your mind when gun control was first brought up to your attention after the sandy hook elementary school shooting? How did it affect you decisions Shits gotta change in this country, and fuck whatever the NRA says. I'm a proud gun owner. I call em' lefty and righty, and there's a fist at the end of each one. Only a pussy needs an actual gun to settle his business. I studied snake style kung fu with Shaolin monks at a Taoist temple in the Wudang mountains, so my hands are lethal assault weapons. And worst case, I keep a tire iron beneath the front seat of my Trans Am. That said, guns are fucking awesome for sport and I love taking my AR-15 to shoot beer cans in the Rose Garden. But I'd give it up to keep our kids safe.
Diamond Joe, how is Janna Ryan in the sack? 4/10, would bang again but only if there's slim pickings otherwise.
Do you remember what it was like to poop without a phone? I wish I could afford a cell phone, those data charges are real asshole rippers though. I usually just read an issue of Oui on the can.
Thanks for taking the time Diamond Joe. What is your favorite type of lube? Sorry if this is a repeat question. Thanks again. The bathroom soap in the National Portrait Galley works wonders, and the price can't be beat.
Most embarrassing blackout story? Man, I wish I could remember that shit. I bet it was fucking awesome though.
Joe, I met you in Scranton last August. I just want to know, exactly how much do you love Scranton? Candi, is that you? I know I still owe you 100 bucks for the 2nd half hour, I'll get it to you as soon as my book royalties get me out of the red.
What's your best Amtrak story? Oh man, this one time the train stopped suddenly and I spilled a coors all over my lap. The dining car guy gave me a replacement brew-ha and a free egg salad sandwich to apologize. That was sweet.
Who is more fun to party with, the House or the Senate? That's like asking what feels better on your dick, sandpaper or sandpaper covered in shit.
Who's your favorite Vice President in history? Cheney. I owe him big time for the fully built sex dungeon that greeted me when I moved into One Observatory Circle. It woulda taken forever to install a swing like that, and he left plenty of handcuffs and toys and stuff too.
hey, wanna give a lady a drive in that sweet-lookin' ride? If you're going my way better hang on my stick shift for your dear life.
1) In your honest opinion, what, if any, impact will recent crises in the United States have on the socio-economic climate, both at domestic and international levels? What the hell question am I answering again?
2) Wanna buy some E? 1)This great country is seriously strapped for cash. But it's like when you're selling weed, you can't make in moolah unless you spend some cash. I've been telling those dildos in Congress that the U.S. of Fucking A needs to borrow some dough and invest in some dank bugs. Also, I've thinking about installing some mirrors on the debt ceiling then the nation can feat their eyes while Joe takes the economy to pound town.
I know where you stand on beer. My good sir, what is your whiskey of choice? Getting into Balcones stuff. It's American made and smooth as a Brazilian taint.
Who is your favorite Pro-Wrestler? ME.
Would you rather fight 50 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck? Are those real things??? if I answer this question do I have to fight those things, because those both freak me the fuck out. I want no part of this shit.
Why'd you cut off the ponytail brah? Sometimes, the only way you can get the baby batter out of your locks is by chopping 'em off.
How much does your chance of being laid increase when Van Halen's 1984 is played in the b.g.? I don't need to take chances, cuz it's damn near always a sure thing. But nothing wrong with some sweet tuneage playing while a lady is romancing the bone.
Hey Uncle Joe. If a hypothetical situation I'd been working on went south, does running for the border actually work? Depends how far north you are and how fast are your wheels.
Are you still taking questions? Yes. Too bad you asked me this though, this was probably your one shot to get wisdom from Papa Biden and you blew it.
Mr Vice President you're a Catholic. What's your reaction to the Manti Te'o/Notre Dame controversy? I'd definitely be down for bonin' that dude's fake girlfriend.
Now that liz warren's bin sworn in you gonna spend some extra time presidin over the senate? Wish I could tap that, but Warren's a cold fish. She just wants to talk about boring stuff like reforming credit cards and banks and shit.
How did that poor bastard Patraeus get busted? You go showing off your nutsack too often and sooner or later people are going to recognize you.
Where did he go wrong? Ever get a load of Poontraeus' wife, old helmet head. That guy went all right with Paula "Sweet Knockers" Broadwell.
What tips do you have for aspiring adulterers around the world? Jill rarely finds out about who I get down and dirty with unless she walks in on me tongue deep in a tight little honey.
Besides yourself, which Cabinet member parties the hardest? Steven Chu is loaded from his Nobel prize money. He has a killer stereo system in his house, great for blasting jams.
The biker chick from the campaign photo: be honest, didjya? Now Joe don't kiss and tell and even if he did, you wouldn't hear what he was saying cuz he'd be so deep in that muff.
Wat do you hope will be your trademark piece of legislation during your presidency? Whoah, man. Where the fuck am I? Is it 2016 already? Shit last time I looked it was still 2009.
Hey big Joe. Is the White House beer better than normal beer? As long as it's cold and being poured down my throat, a brewha is a brewha.
Who would win in a fight, Diamond Joe or Paul Ryan? Diamond Joe, and that's not a hypothetical. Shit went down after the debate. How'd it go? Let's just say I got to keep my pearly white smile and Ryan was picking up his chiclets from the parking lot floor.
Diamond, how did you score a first-class babe like Dr. Jill? Two in the pink, one in the stink, and the rest is history.
As a gay man, I feel it necessary to ask you your opinion on gay marriage. Do you approve, and why/why not? I approve of gay marriage for women. Much as I love Jilly, I can't really recommend marriage for any man tho. That's just a ball and chain on your cock and balls.
Say you ran for president, who'd you want your running mate to be? Rowdy Roddy Piper. I want someone who'll have my back in a fight.
Or really any chica with a short skirt and legs that go way up past street legal.
How did you lose your virginity? Link to www.amazon.com
What made the Summer of '87 such an important time in your life? The doobage was dank, the babeage was bodacious, and the tuneage featured bad-ass shredding that was a bountiful 20-course feast for the ears.
Hey Mr. Vice Prez... Does the lifetime ban at Dave and Buster's still stand? What a drag! That's nothing a fake I.D. can't fix. Still the place has totally sold out. It used to be about adult fun, but their definition is a whole lot different than mine.
What was the hardest moment for you to pretend you weren't high? Answering this question. I sure everybody can tell right now.
Favorite American rock band from 1970-1989? Right now, I gotta go with Whitesnake. I'd love to get Tawny Kitaen writhing around on my hood.
Tits or ass? Are you referring to the 1978 Supreme Court case Tits V. Ass? Sounds like a good question for Justice Scalia's AMA next month.
Vice President, I always know it's going to be an enjoyable evening when you are on the debate podium! Which vp candidate (Palin or Ryan) posed the greatest challenge for you and what is your most memoriable moment from both debate experiences? But I wanted to hear Diamond Joe rag on Palin lolz. Definitely Palin. I had such a huge woody that I damn near knocked the podium over.
What is your position on condoms? Might as well stick with a handy cuz it doesn't cost you a buck per lay.
I can't find any nude celebrity galleries anywhere around here. Anyone got some nudie pics from reddit they can post here? I need material for my spank bank.
Looks like this AMA is now over. (From his posting history, he did take a 10 minute "break") Naw man, I'm still here. Just got distracted by gonewild.
Kill, Fuck, or Marry: Diamond Joe doesn't kill women, he just leaves em sore and wantin' more. And I'm already married.
Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, or Leslie Knope. So fuck all three. Yeah, that's a cop out but it's the answer you're getting.
Anyway, I was born in 1987. Since you were active in Delaware politics around then, I thought you might know somebody by that description. Anything you might remember helps! Anyway, god bless. Kid, I know exactly who your daddy is. The late Delaware Senator William V. Roth, Jr.
Joe, just thought I'd let you know that my sister is pregnant. I'm pretty sure I pulled out just in time. I always do.
Hey Diamond Joe, I gotta hear the craziest thing you ever woke up next to and what you drank to get there. Then I'm going to do it. Mei Xiang the panda, at the National Zoo. And you probably guessed, Cuervo and lots of it.
You got me pregnant Joe... I just wanted you to know I'm keeping the baby. I know more than one Yaranna. What's your last name?
I've got to cook a meal to impress a date; Biden, I need your help. Just take her to Popeye's, that shit's delicious. Their biscuits can get you into any lady's biscuit.
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[Table] IAMA - I am actress Sarah Megan Thomas here from the rowing movie “Backwards” starring James Van Der Beek.

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Date: 2012-09-28
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Questions Answers
Hi Sarah, As someone who has never heard of you, your movie and has no particular affection for James Van Der Beek, what make's "Backwards" worth watching (and when I say watching, I mean pirating)? Oh no!! Please don't pirate! We are a small independent film and have worked really hard for 2 years to bring this film to the screen. We sincerely hope you won't pirate - as many people have worked for no money to make this film happen. That said -- you should watch this movie because it is a feel good fun 90 minute film. The majority of our viewers like the film (We are ranked at over 85% on Rotten Tomatoes by viewers).
Also, as an up and coming (yeah I said it) actress, how do you feel about music and film piracy? And I think pirating is really unfortunate. Especially in the world of independent film when every sale counts. With that said, I really do want everyone to have the opportunity to see this movie which is why I discounted group ticket prices and also released it via iTunes and nationwide OnDemand.
Could you answer the "what make's "Backwards" worth watching" part of the question? I'm curious too because I had never heard of the movie before today. Absolutely! BACKWARDS is worth watching because it is a different kind of sports film. In most sports films the team always wins that big race in the end. This is a film about an athlete who ALMOST makes the Olympics but doesn't - she is the number 1 alternate. So ultimately she has spent her whole life training to "just miss the boat."
This is a theme i think many can relate to -- what happens in life when that big dream doesn't work out -- no matter what that may be and how do we move forward from that? It is a film about finding a work and life balance and the film is a lot of fun. 90 minutes of fun.
For more reasons to watch the film, see my Today Show interivew with Al Roker at:Link to today.msnbc.msn.com And my Fox Boston interview this morning at : www.myfoxboston.com/story/19665214/2012/09/28/at-the-movies-backwards.
Finally, many 2012 Olympic medalists (Some gold medalists) were at our New york Premiere and they LOVE the film and are promoting it themselves. Hope you will watch and enjoy!! Spread the word. We are an indie and depend on word of mouth.
Good on you, I'm going to pay to see this movie if it's available in Australia. Fantastic! Our foreign sales agent is selling the film foreign this Fall. It should be in Australia in early 2013! THanks for your interest
Please ignore the Trolls. Your response actually turned me on to your work, and I plan to see this movie. Thanks for taking the time to do this today. Thank You. I figured if I stuck with the reddiquette, I'd be fine.
Do you think it's fair that he has three last names and you have three first names? Hilarious! not fair:). The reason behind my name -- when I went to get my SAG card (actor's union) years ago, the name "Sarah Thomas" was taken ! You can't get a name that is already taken! Someone had my name! So i either had to change my name or add my middle name. I chose to add my middle name.
If I were to become an actor, I'd have to do the same thing. There's an actor out there with my exact name, even same middle initial, even though my last name is relatively uncommon. His face monopolizes any Google search of me. He is my nemesis. I know -- that sucks right! What would you change your name to be?? It was a tough decision to go with Sarah Megan Thomas given all the Sarah Jessica Parker and Sarah Michelle Geller types out there. To be a Sarah in this business it seems that you need a middle name!
What's it like to be a working actress? What I mean is, what is like to work mostly in the independent field, and how do you maintain during slow points in your career? How do you make it work? What advice do you have for others who just want to work in field with consistency? In terms of working as an actress -- there are always slow points. I do a lot of commercials and industrials which help pay the bills in the slower times. I actually enjoy shooting commercials! I think they are fun. In terms of advice for others who want to work in the field with consistency I think the best thing to do is create your own work. Do readings with actor friends. Try and get a group to put on a play or short film. In my experience, work begets work, so the more you do the better. Also, the best thing i ever did was take a class specifically on commercials. Take a commercial class as that will help in booking commercials. I sincerely hope this advice is helpful!
Thanks for the response! Looking forward to seeing your movie. Thank's so much! Let me know if you have any more questions! I'm here for another hour or so!
Hi Sarah, thanks for doing the IAMA. I was lucky. You are right -- rowing is not often covered on film. That said it is a gorgeous sport to see on camera (the cinematography in BACKWARDS is incredible. Harlan Bosmajian was our cinematographer). In the end, I had a group of about 30 private investors fund this film. I showed them a business plan and a script and my concept. I got a lot of "no's." but kept going until I had enough 'yeses" I also was able to pitch Olympic film -- because this is an Olympic themed film, and I was able to pitch that I was aiming to release it in an Olympic year. I think that helped. Not gonna lie -- fundraising was very tough.
Rowing seems like an obscure subject for a film. How did you get this movie made? How did you convince the financial backers that your idea was good enough to put money into the project? Also, I was able to get a TON of Sponsors. That helped get the film made. 90 percent of locations were sponsors. We shot in my mom and dad's house. We shot in my old high school. We got Boathouse Row in Philadelphia to let us shoot in one of the Boathouses...
Is James really sensitive? This picture indicates that he is. How often did he cry on your shoulder during the filming? He is sensitive. He only cried several times per take.
Thanks for the AMA. I've always wondered this- does writing and staring in a film make things easier or harder for you? That is, does the fact that you wrote the script and had a general idea of how the film would look make the acting easier, in that you get to personally make the film look like you'd imagined, or harder in that (1) you are dealing with a director who might not share your vision, and (2) you are juggling your own personal acting (which I'm guessing is stressful on its own) with trying to make the film that presents the script as you'd wanted? I think it is harder. I wrote, produced and star in the film, so there was a lot on my plate (And still is as we promote!!). I have been working 7 days a week for 2 years (including holidays like Christmas). In once sense, writing a character that I know I can play makes the acting easier in that I know the journey the character needs to go on, but, that said, juggling all these jobs did not leave as much time to prepare for the role if I had been just acting (which is what I have done in all other films I have been in). I would be on set and finish a take and have to run upstairs to fund-raise or edit a scene for the next day. That said, there is something very rewarding at the end of the day when the film is done and viewers see it and tell me they enjoyed the film. That is all I wanted -- and that makes the process worthwhile. Our director, Ben Hickernell is amazing and did share a similar vision, but of course there are always creative differences which we worked out as we went along. we worked as a team.
Did you have to do training for the film? Or do you have experience rowing. [edit] I can't read. How was the experience writing/directing your first film? Were there unexpected challenges? [edit 2] You answered the initial question so I added it back in. I hadn't rowed in 8 years when we started filming, so I definitely did training. I lifted weights. Got on the rowing machine in the gym, and went out in a boat on the water. I also worked with a trainer once a week to try and get an Olympic lightweight rower's build. I like to work out so it was fun!
I rowed when I was in college... you have to be sick in the head to think getting back into racing shape is fun! :P. I'm a little envious of your drive. Good on you! Thanks! Yes, training was tough. I hadn't been on an erg since the day I quite rowing. I hate that machine! so painful. But ladies out there - burns a ton of calories. Dropped 5 pounds by getting on that tedious machine.
Do you like cats? I all allergic to cats -- so not my personal pet of choice. Love dogs.
Reddit strike one. How bout bacon? I actually don't eat much meat, so not really. That said, I do like bacon flavored things. Weird, I know... Like bacon flavored non bacon bacon. Plus with the shortage of bacon I'll save my rations for the Reddit community.
Thanks. By the way, why row backwards? have you tried rowing forward just to see which is better? Thanks again. That's a great question. Rowing forwards is tough! Sometimes rowers paddle in revers to turn a boat around (technically rowing forwards), but it is very slow going !!
Why is rowing forwards called paddling, but rowing backwards is called rowing? And if you're rowing or paddling backwards to start with, is it still called reverse? Nice.
Link to i.imgur.com
"I recently made a movie about rowing called “Backwards,” and *saw that there have been some conversations about it on here already** so I wanted to get your feedback."* Link to www.reddit.com
Which subreddits were discussing the movie? do you have any direct links? i'm just curious, because i haven't seen anything about it and would love to see what other redditors have been saying about it. thanks! Link to www.reddit.com
Former HS Rower, college rower and former HS CREW coach here. I remember the many trips to the school-kill for races. First congrats on what I expect to be great success for you and your movie. I am curious on how you went about getting the other actors that were rowing. Did you require experience first? Almost all the rowers in the film are either experienced high school rowers or elite national team rowers!.The one exception is the girl who plays Hannah. She is an actress who spent a month tirelessly training for her role! Also we were lucky that the girl who plays her rowing teammate in the double in the film (Susan is the character's name) has parents who are crew coaches! So Hannah was able to go to Susan's house one weekend and train with her parents, which I think was a cool bonding experience for the two girls.
How did the other seasoned actors do with trying to understand the technical aspect of arms,back, legs...legs, back, arms...? I saw that you answered about not having too much technical terms in there.. We do have a bunch of training scenes - - and the rowers who have seen the film love it! That said, we did try to make the movie mainstream so that non-rowers could enjoy as well.
So should I assume you dont have many scenes that really get into the weeds for training and such? Filming the races was challenging given that we had only 2 afternoons to shoot during principal photography! That said, we did B-Roll footage at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, so we got real images of real races and major crowds. Our editor had the difficult task of editing this into the film in post. But it turned out really well.
How hard was it to film the races? Did you do it on actual race days to have easier setup? I met the Winklevoss twins once -- to see if they wanted to be investors. But they were not interested unfortunately:)
I saw that you said you met the Winklevoss twins, were they a technical rowing consultant? Did you have other consultants? Yes, I hated all the ERG takes! thank god we are a low budget film so only had time for a few takes each time around!
Lastly, since the erg, aka the machine of death, was part of your story, did you get pissed having to do multiple takes? I think that would annoy the heck out of me. Enjoy the film and please Spread the word!
What were some of the reasons given by said person to do an AMA (If not you)? Did you frequent Reddit prior to doing this AMA? He saw the movie being discussed without us prompting it, so he suggested coming on and doing an AMA, he said to be honest/respectful and the Reddit community would engage in a meaningful conversation.
Can you get James to do an AMA? What you aren't enjoying hanging out with me instead:). Ha ha. I wish. I can ask --- but I think he is super busy with his sitcom right now...
I haven't heard of this movie before, but it seems pretty interesting! What got you involved with a movie like this? The story? A personal connection to rowing? Thanks! I really to be part of a different kind of sports story -- one about what happens when that big dream doesn't work out the way you planned. I was also a rower myself in high school and college so I knew the ins and outs of the sports. I hope you will see the film!! It really is fun.
What program do you use to write? I've only used celtx and never had an issue, but is there another program you like? I used Final Draft Pro to write -- highly recommend. Best program out there in my opinion.
How long did it take you to write Backwards? Did you pick at it for years, or was it one of those stories that poured out quickly? I wrote it in under 1 year. I was lucky because I have a lot of actor friends and got to do a lot of "table reads" early on and hear my script out loud. That helped in shaping and editing the script. I had to work fast because half way through writing I realized the Summer Olympics were in 2012 and I really wanted to get this film out in a Summer Olympic year. So it was write fast or wait 4 years:)
Did you have Van Der Beek and others in mind while writing, or did you cast completely with an open mind? I had an open mind when casting. Originally wrote Geoff as a John Krasinski type of Character. Wanted a fun, laid back guy. Someone you could really see as an athletic director. We were really lucky to get James and if you see the film, you will see how perfect he is in the part.
Did you see James in The rules of attraction? If so do you like films adapted from Ellis novels? I actually did not see that film -- but it is on my list of films to see as soon as things slow down! heard it was fantastic. In general, I love books. Usually I find the book better than the film adaptation.
Does Backwards explain much about rowing or does it assume that people will know for the most part what's going on? Are there any "inside jokes" for rowers to enjoy when they watch the movie? Also where'd you row in college? I tried to make BACKWARDS a mainstream movie -- one rowers can enjoy but also a film for non-rowers. The film doesn't have much technical rowing jargon in it. BUT, there are a few inside jokes ("our wake, their funeral" - anyone get that reference). It was important to me though that this be a film that rowers and non rowers could enjoy. I rowed at Williams College. Small school in Berkshires. Rowing in freezing temperatures.
I thought rowing in freezing temperatures was called skating. As a California rower, I've seen the icebreaker pictures, but don't relate. OTOH, we've got tug wakes and Bay tides (I row open water). Must be gorgeous to row in Cali with the fabulous temperatures. Much better than rowing in Mass where I rowed at Williams College!
Rowing in freezing temperatures is what sets us apart from the softies in Florida. I row for Missouri, we get to drive 20 minutes to get to the nearest body of water and no funding because none of the school officials have any idea what we do =P. Do you guys plan on concentrating marketing on the east coast where people will actually recognize the sport? We are actually in numerous cities across the Country! In addition to East Coast, we open in San Fran and Jacksonville, Fl and Oklahoma today! Next week we open in Seattle.
How long does it take to climb Mount Rainier? 4 Days, 6 Hours, 5 Minutes, & 2 Seconds.
If you do it BACKWARDS it's only 3 Days, 4 Hours, 7 Minutes, & 1 Seconds.
Do you know any celebrities? EDIT: Hey why is my comment being DV'd? She does! I do! James Van Der Beek! And Margaret Colin. I also know Scott Turow (writer), and numerous other talented actors. I have me the Winklevoss twins as well...
I know that probably is supposed to say "met the winklevoss twins" but it totally reads like you have them locked in your basement. No no, you've read it right. They are locked down there.
How did you manage to get Van Der Beek to sign on to this project? We had our casting director send his agent the script. James loved the script so came on board. He liked that the film is a different kind of sports film -- plus rumor has it he has always wanted to work with me :)
I see some of you answers are kind of publicist-ish, and some aren't. I'm curious about your experiences now - getting the word out. How weird is doing publicity for a project in the internet age? Do you have a game plan for twittereddit - where everything is super public and around the planet in minutes or do you just wing it? Publicity is very difficult -- especially in the internet age. You have to be careful what you say!! I actually do not have my publicist here with me today (they did attend my television appearances like Today Show, CNN, etc) so this is completely me winging it... Hope you are enjoying! I enjoy being honest with friends and fans on how the film was made, so try to tell it as much "like it is" as possible in an internet age.
As an actress I've never heard of, would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses? You have heard of me now, haven't you!!!
I don't know what a horse sized duck is... but I'd probably rather take on a duck than a horse. I love horses.
What he meant was whether you would prefer to fight a duck that was as big as a horse or 100 horses that are as small as ducks ;) I would still pick a duck!
Does it bother you having to describe yourself as an actress in such detail to most people? on another note, I loved Backwards! YAY - I am so glad you liked Backwards. That means so much to me! I don't mind explaining myself. I know that I am not as well known as James Van Der Beek (yet, right:)!!!), so it's okay. Thanks again for watching the film!! please spread the word!
Alright, i hate to be that dude, but it does say ask me anything so i'm doing it. your imdb page says your husband was a vice president for commodities sales and derivative risk management at lehman brothers. given your "insider info" what is your personal take on the banking colapse and finacial deregulation in general? Yes -- my husband worked at Lehman. He was there when it went bankrupt. In fact, we were on our honeymoon when things started to go down hill. Imagine -- in Mexico, spending money on honeymoon, and every day we get a piece of news that says you are about to lose all your money (which we did). To be honest, I don't have much insider info as I don't really know well the ins and outs of my husbands job -- he can't really talk about much of it. I think the banking collapse was sad. Sad as a whole for everyone. I do know that there are a lot of good people who work at these banks who work hard and don't make the money that is publicized in the press (i know this first hand). That said, I am not in any way shape or form condoning the bad behavior and things some big banks did. I think like anything in life - there are many sides to the banking collapse/financial deregulation.
Wow, thanks for answering! you should write a "how to not pull a rampart" guide for others thinking about doing an AMA. Wow! That is such a compliment! The Reddit community deserves coherent answers.
Also how bangable is Mr Van Der Beek out of 10 now days? I think he is a hottie and he looks super cute in the Beek Jeans from Apt 23. But we're both married now... maybe would have 10 years ago.
So the Beek did'nt give you the Beek? The kissing scene was fun to film :)
As a gay man, I'm incredibly jealous of you. DAMN YOU, Sarah!!! :D. He he. I don't kiss and tell.
Hi Sarah-- former Eph rower here as well (so look me up when you do a sequel!)-- I was just wondering were you at all inspired by Biz's Olympic story for this film? Of course. Biz and I rowed together and placed 5th at division 1 championships. I LOVE her. She is such an inspiration. She used to drink diet coke out of her water bottle while training and I used that in the film as a detail for the main character!
Biz's amazing experience is what gave me the idea to write this film. Where do you live? If you are in boston, san fran, dc, new haven, jacksonville, I hope you can see the film this weekend! I am doing a q and a in boston tonight after the 4:45 and 7pm shows so spread the word to those Ephs you know in boston!
Do you like Gladiator movies? Love them. I loved The Gladiator with Russell Crowe.
I row in milwaukee and bunch of folks of at my boathouse are interested in seeing your movie. Any chance it will come to a theater near me? Or will it still be in theaters when we get to the Charles? It may -- we are hoping to spread after this weekend!! This depends on our box office this weekend. Sp please spread the word to any people you know in one of our release cities (all on our website at Link to www.backwardsthemovie.co ) to go see the film this weekend!! In any case, we are on iTunes and on demand so you will be able to see. Enjoy the film! Can't wait to hear what you think.
Funniest fart story? Girls don't fart.
Did you do any erg work to prepare for your role? If so what's your best 2000 meter time? I did do erg work to prepare. I hated it! That machine is so hard.
I never did a 2K per say, just would get on ERG for 30 minutes at a time.
I used to be able to pull under 8 minutes. These days my splits are in the 2:30's. Horrible I know!!
Oh man, What was kissing JVB like? I bet its like getting bless by the unicorn pope. It was very dreamy. The blessing came from a rainbow colored narwhal.
What's your opinion of on-screen nudity? Love it if I am watching hot nude men. KIDDING! Would never do it! I guess never say never, but I'd have to be paid a ton of money to take off anything personally. And would never do full frontal. I think it is unnecessary and distracting. For me, as a viewer, it takes me out of the story.
Have you seen don't trust the b in apartment 23? Yes I have seen don't trust the b in apartment 23. James is hilarious in it! Did you see the episode about BEEK jeans?! Of course! Thanks for joining in!
How was it, working next to Dawson? Link to media.tumblr.com
I know but CTRL-F Daw came back with nothing. Sorry, I'm trying to answer all questions... The Beek is a legend. He's really funny and laid back. Nice guy. He even organized a cappuccino truck for the whole crew on his last day of shooting, Did you really mean to ask what was it like kissing a legend?
I heard "Rampart" by Woody Harrelson is another great movie. Have you seen it, and how does it compare to "Backwards"? Haven't seen it -- you guys are giving me some good ideas for a rainy day!!
FYI Woody did an AMA to promote rampart and it was a train-wreck with the answer (hopefully) written badly by a publicist. He should take lessons from you. Gotcha!
Rower here, did you have any previous experience rowing or is something that you had to learn specifically for the film? How did training and learning technique go for you? I rowed in high school at the Shipley School and in college at Williams College. I hadn't rowed in 8 years when we started filming, so I definitely did training. I lifted weights. Got on the rowing machine in the gym, and went out in a boat on the water. I also worked with a trainer once a week to try and get an Olympic lightweight rower's build. I like to work out so it was fun!
Is having three names pretty much mandatory in Hollywood these days? See answer above --- it has to do with SAG rules... Sarah Thomas was taken unfortunately... I could have changed my name to something else... maybe Apple Thomas or Tennessee Thomas (anyone getting these references)... but chose to just add my middle name
You look Dutch. What is your racial makeup? I am actually Croatian and Irish! 50/50.
What's your favorite movie? To watch I mean. And have you ever seen Rampart? I love Bridget Jones Diary. I know I sound like a chick (which I am). But I can watch that movie over and over and it makes me smile. I like feel good movies. Nothing better than a really good rom com. Can't stand gore, so not much of a thriller type. That said, I also LOVE the ORIGINAL BOURNE moveis. Didn't like new one at all. thought it was terrible.
I'm an actress coming from the theatre world hoping to make it into film. What advice do you have for someone like me to start making a living in film? I think get into commercials to make some money -- I did the bartending thing and it is really tough. The hours are tough and it is hard to be good at an audition when you are exhausted. Working in commercials and industrials is a way to make a living while pursuing film. I also think it is really important to network. Network with other actors -- go see plays/films, etc and try to meet people in the business. Hope this helps! It is a tough business to be in, not gonna lie. I wish you the best of luck. Know you will be a success!
What are some of your favorite spots (for food, drinks, activities, etc.) around Philadelphia? I love Tallulah's Garden. Fab restaurant with great food and the cheese plate there is to die for (James Van Der Beek loved it too - -we went for dinner there while filming). You can sit outside which is nice in the Fall and Summer. I live in Manhattan so am not 100% up to date on the best places in Philly. But love the City. The Art Museum sponsored our Premiere and that is definitely a cool place to go if you are looking for some art.
Did you speak with any olympic rowers or anything to get more 'in' to the role? I did not -- that said -- several Olympic rowers were at our Premieres in New York and in Philadelphia. They loved the film. Those ladies are tall and gorgeous!
Just messing. Well done you for making a film about a great sport! How do you think the success of the "Social Network" impacted the development of your film? Did you suddenly get people saying "oh, ok, maybe people will watch a bit of rowing?" To be fair -- he did get in a boat while we were shooting for fun. He is very athletic. but i don't think he has ever been on an erg... In terms of social network -- we hired a DP that worked on that film -- so that was very helpful to us. I didn't really see the "Social Network" as a rowing film though -- created this film, as there hasn't been a women's rowing film and wanted to change that!
Her name is Liz Holtan. Remember her at all? Liz Holtan is fantastic in the movie. She is in 2 scenes. So she has some good screen time. She plays ...ahem... "younger" girlfriend of Geoff (James Van Der Beek's character). Of course I win out in the end:)
I like the idea Alot. What helped give you the idea for this? Thanks! A woman I rowed with at Williams was the #1 alternate for the Sidney Olympics. At the time I remember thinking -- what a fabulous premise for a film... and knew it hadn't been done before.
We're there any moments during filming where you wish you could of gone back, look James Van Der Beek in the eyes and state, either angrily or casually... "I don't want your life!"? No. He seems to have a pretty fantastic life if you ask me!!
You and JVB are tied together with knives in your hands like in the Michael Jackson music video "Beat It". What's the outcome of that scenario? You live, he dies. He lives, you die. You both die. I must know. Since you must know...I live, he dies. Sorry James. He knows I love him, but my life must take priority.
As a former rower for St. Ignatius Cleveland and Ohio State, I absolutely love the exposure you're giving to our sport! My old teammates and I are planning on getting together to watch the film. How did you get into rowing? For me, it was because I was terrible at every other sport! Thanks!! So glad to hear from you. I got into rowing in high school -- had a great team. We rowed in a 4. We actually went to Henley my Jr. Year which was a fantastic experience. Enjoy the film!!
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[Table] IAmA: I am Tom Matte, Baltimore Colts RB -- AMA

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Date: 2012-11-15
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How did you feel when they moved the team? HAHAHAHA. We were happy to get rid of Bob Irsay. It took us a while to convince Art Modell to move the Browns to Baltimore. And I was particularly happy because I got to the commentary for the Ravens.
How did you feel when you stole the browns from me :(? Edit: I'm sorry for all the enemies I have made in Cleveland now, but Art was my friend, and I stand by him.
Man you just crushed Cleveland in so many ways... Good health to ya and thanks for your time. Any chance you could post a pic holding a sign saying sorry Cleveland? HAHAHA Cleveland is my home town, and I grew up playing HS ball there and went to Ohio State to play college ball. The city of Cleveland did not respond to the needs of Art Modell, the Cleveland stadium was in dire need and the city didn't respond to Modell.
Tom matte, with all due respect, you are dead wrong. DEAD wrong about what you said. Model was dead broke when he moved. He was awful at running a team and had to take out a loan to sign Andre Rison. You may have made a lot of enemies on Cleveland now. I knew he was broke and thats why he came to Baltimore. our city made an offer that saved his franchise.
Did you ever hear of any bounty talk or talk of purposefully hurting other players during your playing days? Mhmm Yes. No other comment.
What was it like to play emergency QB? How did the team react? It was a challenge, being a running back and last man standing as a player that had any experience at QB in college. I was sort of forced into and didn't have a any choice. it was the biggest challenge for me in my football career.
Who's your favorite current running back? Probably Ray Rice. I think he is the most versatile running back in the league, but there are a lot of RB's that are similar. I really like the kid.
Now for the unbiased favorite RB? Adrian Peterson, the way he came back from knee surgery is impressive.
How do you feel about Indy fans laying claim to Baltimore Colts players as part of Indy's football legacy? That upsets me. When I go to the hall of fame, and see my wrist band and I am called an Indianapolis colt...That is not right. That part belongs to Baltimore.
Would running backs from the 60's (in their prime) stand a chance against modern defensive lines? Yes, today's running backs are bigger, stronger, and faster...but the guys from back in the day would still be competitive.
Also, would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck? 1 horse sized duck.
Joe Flacco always seems to generate a ton of criticism. What is your honest opinion on Joe and do you think the elite title will ever be in Joe's future? Yes I think he will be considered Elite sometime in the future. He (Joe) is an non emotional player, he started every game in his career and has a great arm. I have all the respect for him as player and a person.
Any concussions effects on you? Should teens not play on high school football teams due to the danger of concussion? I feel that the NFL has made a concerted effort in improving the helmets and equipment these days to make the game safer, as opposed to my days. Commissioner Goodell is a making a really big effort to improve the safety in the NFL, and that will filter down to the peewee leagues.
As a player for an organization which has switched cities after your retirement, do you find your loyalties remain stronger for the Colts organization or the city of Baltimore? My allegiance is to the city of Baltimore and their fans. Being a broadcaster for the Ravens for the first 10 or so years, solidified my position. Art Modell was a great friend.
Going into Superbowl III against the Jets, did Joe Namath's guarantee affect your preparation for the game? Joe had a big mouth, and he still does. On that day, Joe didn't win that game...I have to give credit to Weeb Ewbank for great coaching. Namath had nothing to lose by saying what he did, they were underdogs. But that game solidified the NFL merger, and also gave credit to the AFL.
You have quite an impressive list of achievements, but what do you personally consider your greatest accomplishment during your football career? When the NFL Films came out with 10 most versatile players that have ever played in the NFL, and I ended up at number 10.
About Ray Lewis...have you guys ever commented on one his tackles by saying "Holy shit! You killed that man!", or are you guts afraid of the repercussions? We are told to keep our act clean, but there was many time I wanted to say, "he knocked the shit out of him!"
Why do you think that Football is almost only popular in America? Good question. I had the opportunity to play in France back in 71, to introduce France to American Football. It was very well received and the players association did that. It was for the purpose of raising money for the AMerican hospital in Paris, it was very well received and today the NFL is playing games England, and I think they are sending teams during preseason to play in other european countries. Soccer is their sport, but I think they like the aggresiveness of American football. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the NFL would expand to other countries.
What is the worst hit you've ever received? I think it was this game, where I had a pass over the middle and I knew was going to get slammed. I think it was Butkus, the ball popped out and I landed on the ground, but the ball landed back in my lap.
I've always wanted to ask the older greats this... just how good was Jim Brown (or Johnny Unitas or other greats)? Jim Brown was probably the best overall Rb that I have ever seen. Power, and speed he had it all, but he wasn't the greatest receiver. THe most versatile of RB's in my day was probably Lenny moore.
Have you noticed any health problems or issues that were likely caused during your days playing in the NFL? You could say that, I've had 20 different surgeries, not all related to football. Mostly to the knees, ankles and just your Back is screwed up. You learn how to live with it however.
What is your opinion of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms commentary on CBS? I personally miss your color commentary. They are both good, and Simms particularly has good insight as he is a former QB. I miss my color commentary too. They changed radio stations, and Scott Garceau and I lost out.
What is one aspect of the game from your playing days that you wish still existed today? Another good question. Defensive players have limitation now that they didn't back then. The league has made it more of a offensive game. Offensive lineman are allowed to hold more, and bump coverage is called as illegal contact a lot more.
It seems more and more like NFL stars are getting paid ridiculous sums of money to play a little bit of ball. How do you feel about that? Do you feel that they work harder for their money than you did for yours? No they don't work harder any harder then we did. I'm upset with my mother for having 40 years too early. I would love to have made the amount of money that these kids are making today.
Also, do you feel like your years of playing has left you with any type of long term damage, physically or otherwise? I'm trying to promote the retired players with the NFL Keepr Card because the revenues go towards the player care foundation to take care of the older guys like me.
Most memorable moment playing in the NFL? You played in Super Bowl III! What were your feelings towards the AFL leading up to and after the merger and that game? The baltimore colts probably had the biggest impact in the making of the NFL, in the merger between the AFL and the NFL. The 58 championship game really put NFL as a premier sport in the country, and the 68 superbowl which we lost to the Jets made the merger the possible, and eminently the success of the two leagues joining together.
I'm 21 and a massive football junkie, is there anything you feel someone of my generation is missing out on compared to your generation of football? I always hear about how today's game (the game I've come to love) is different from "real football", a concept I find a bit too vague. I think the game is same. The only change is that the athletes of today are bigger, stronger, and faster because of the conditioning that they go through. It's a full time job now to be a football player. Back in my day, as soon as the season was over...I had a another job to go to in Black & Decker.
Back in my day, as soon as the season was over...I had a another job to go to in Black & Decker. See now this blows my mind. You won a goddamn Super Bowl yet you had another job! Did the guys at Black & Decker know who you were? Did they ask for your autograph and stuff, or was it strictly professional? What did you do at Black & Decker? Thank you for doing this AMA, btw! Ohh Yea, I worked in a sales position and did a lot of traveling. Also helped design some of the tools that helped on moon mission.
In your opinion, what was Johnny Unitas's best attribute? Edit: grammar His best attribute was the 2 minute offense, he could move the team faster down the field better than the other qb's in the league, In my opinion.
What are your feelings about the short life expectancies of NFL players? Have you seen a lot of your friends from the team pass on earlier than you would expect? At the end of my career, the NFL pension people told us our life expectancy was 54-56 years of age. I then took my pension earlier because I thought my life expectancy was short, and I wish I didn't do that.
I have seen my friends die a lot earlier then I would have wished.
If you had to play for one team this year. Who would you choose from if you could only play for the Jaguars or the Rams? Jax Jags because it's nice and warm.
What do you think about the amount of money players are making today compared to when you played? What we did as players was we were the makers of the game and also brought about the popularity of the game. Today's players are the benefactors of that.
I grew up playing sports and the locker rooms always got kinda crazy. My question is at the professional level does the locker room still contain this kind of atmosphere or is it all seriousness? Our locker room had a bit of fun also. Everyone would play pranks on each other. I didn't like snakes, and every day they would put a snake in my locker to scare me. One time I shot a rabbit and put it on top of pipes in the locker room. And one of the players was tying his shoes when it fell on him, I fell down laughing.
Who's your favorite running back of all time? Mines eddy george. Eddie George was a buck-eye, and a good one. My favorite would probably was Hugh Edward McElhenny.
How do you feel about Cris Collinsworth? I personally cannot stand him as a person or a commentator. I would like to get a good feel from a fellow player and commentator. I think Chris is pretty objective, he knows the game and I feel he does a pretty good job. I'm sorry you feel that way.
Hi, Tom. I grew up in Baltimore when Scott Garceau was at channel 2 with John Saunders. You and Scott were the best team and I was very disappointed to see you go. Gerry Sandusky and Stan White are very good, too, but you two were the best and I miss you guys. Do you or him (or both of you) ever get to do play by play anymore? Also, you are one of a dying breed...athletes that remain connected to the city they played for after their playing days are over. Did you have any connection to the city before you played for the Colts? What made you want to stay in Baltimore? Garceau and I will be broadcasting the turkey bowl on thanksgiving morning, and it's a lot of fun to see the kids play. I always felt that if you play for a team in that city, you have a responsibility to give back to that community.
How is working as a professional athlete? What is the work/life balance, do you eat and breath football? Does your coach call you during your personal time? Do you spend an inordinate amount of time with your teammates? Or are you able to maintain a discrete life separate from your career? You could maintain a personal life with friends, that are not football guys. But there is always the camaraderie with the you teammates, especially during Training Camp. Camp was the part when all you did was eat/breathe and live football.
My wife is one of the biggest fans of me. She watches film and listens to sports radio more than me. I think she was part of the team just as much as me.
I'm a Michigan fan. Did you have much interaction with Bo Schembechler while he was at Ohio State? What was he like? What was his relationship with Woody like? Bo Schembechler was the coach that I reported to under Hayes. Bo was a good friend, all through my professional career and he left to Miami of Ohio, and convinced my brother, Bruce to play there, Where he became an all American QB.
Bo, always a class act. From Miami he went to Michigan and it became one of the biggest rivalries.
If you could play for one current head coach who would it be? Who has the coolest looking uniforms right now? Coolest back when you played? Best/worse announcer duo right now? Pittsburgh Steelers was the ugliest, especially the Bumble-bees. The Los Angles Rams helmets were really cool. I was a big Browns fan, so I'm attached to those uniforms.
Has being an Eagle Scout helped you anyway throughout your lifetime? I just got mine myself. I made the Eagle Scout, Hall of Fame. It played a very important role in my life. The two things that made me who I am are the Boy Scouts, and the YMCA. Being in downtown Cleveland (ghetto) they were very helpful for me.
What was it like playing for Johnny Unitas? Also, since you guys are both from Pittsburgh, did you guys ever meet each other before playing for the Colts? I grew up in Cleveland, so I never had a chance to meet him before playing the Colts.
Who is the better QB, Unitas or Manning? I'm a little biased towards Unitas, but I have a great deal of respect for Peyton.
He meant Eli. Eli's not that bad, but he's in a whole different class. Also Archie is a friend of mine.
Who was the toughest defender you ever played against at any level? Dick Butkus.
How do you feel playing for Woody Hayes at Ohio State helped shape you as a football player and a man? Woody was a tough coach to play for. He expected a great deal out of you, but he made sure he took care of his athletes and got them degrees. I was fortunate to have him as a coach, I became a bigger friend of his after leaving Ohio state.
What are your thoughts on gays in professional sports? Statistics say 1 out of 10 people are gay... yet there is no male professional athlete in the 4 major US sports that is out. Is it just a taboo? Would he be ridiculed and fired? What are your thoughts? I think that if there are Gay players out there, they would keep it too themselves. I know that there were gay players in the NFL when I played, and the kept low profile.
What happened on the flea flicker at the end of the first half in Super Bowl III? Earl Morral did not see Jimmy standing in the endzone waving his arms. He said Jimmy's uniform blended in with the Bands unifrom. He threw it short and it was intercepted.
What do you think about the incorporation of NCAA overtime rules and do you think something needs to change in order to ultimately prevent a tie from happening like we saw last week? WE had a number of ties back in the day. I think the playoff rules are pretty good, and I don't think it matters too much during regular season.
Do you feel the NFL is doing everything in its power to protect the players or that they're still just "going through the motions"? I'm glad to hear the Irsay's couldn't ruin your love of football, thanks for helping a team I love. I think commissioner Goodell and his senior adviser Joe Browne have done a tremendous job on focusing on the injury, and equipment issues.
Do you miss the radio side with Scott Garceau? I miss listening to you two on the radio during Ravens games. Yes I do, working with Garceau, one of my best friends, has always been fun and challenging. We worked with together over 20 some years.
What is your proudest accomplishment off the field? Both my son and grandson are really into technology, and I am the dinosaur in the family...and this is all a new experience for me.
Does anyone help you with your social media? You seem pretty hip to what the kids are into these days. The program I am doing now to help the player association using the NFL keepr is my biggest accomplishment. I always felt that players need to give back to their communities, and I think I have done a lot of this.
What do you think you might have done I you could not have played sports professionally as a career? Let's say due to an injury during highschool or something of that nature. If I wouldn't have been drafted, I had majored in real estate. I most likely would have been a real estate marketeer or something else. You always have to fall back on your education, if you play sports.
Did anyone ever tell Johnny U to try a new haircut? No, nobody told him. He let it grow long at the end, but he always had that crew cut.
As a former pro-bowler how do you feel about the current talks of abolishing or at least modifying the pro-bowl? how would you change it? When I played in the pro bowl, winning was important. What they are doing now is going through the motions, and making sure that no one gets hurt. I just think that they ought drop the probowl, and just vote the players in.
What team were you initially hoping to get drafted by? How was it like playing with Johnny Unitas? I wanted to be drafted by the Cleveland Browns, because the was my hometown.
Do you believe that there is a better way of organizing collegiate football or will the system be forever broken? But should do they be compensated? That's beyond me. I know that there is a lot of under the table stuff that happens, but I was happy with getting a full ride. Free Education was the compensation for me.
Hey there Mr. Matte... Huge dolphins fan, which makes me a huge Shula fan... I just wanted to say first off I have big respect for your dedication to the game of football and versatility. I bet you were a coach favorite! You played under him in his first years as a head coach, correct? What was it like playing for Coach Shula? Shula was intense, very knowledge about the game, also well respected. Don and I became very good friends while I was a player for him, and I am still in contact with him now.
Huge Baltimore fan, thanks for the IAMA. How do you think Baltimore has rallied behind Gerry Sandusky with the confusion about his name? Gerry is a good friend of mine, and I know he has taken a lot of hits because of the name confusion. It's too bad that this transpired at Penn State, because Joe Paterno was a good friend of mine. But then again, you can't let these things happen and paterno should have retired.
As a former player on the team, how do you feel about Ohio State being ineligible to qualify for a bowl game this year while they are currently undefeated? *but won't be for long--GO BLUE! :) /wolverine fan* Tresell in my opinion is a great coach, but he was thrown under the bus. Theres rules and regulations and you have to pay the price for what you have done.
How do you feel about Fantasy Football. Good or Bad for the sport? I think its great. Keeps people interested in the statistics of the game. Even if you are not an athlete you are sort of involved.
At this point in the season, who are your picks for the Super Bowl? Edit: plural. Thats a toughie. I like the Texans, and also the Ravens chances.
Who is your favorite teammate? Dan Sullivan, played guard for us.
When the NFL Films came out with 10 most versatile players that have ever played in the NFL, and I ended up at number 10. Playing QB was the biggest challenge and most fun.
You could say that, I've had 20 different surgeries, not all related to football. Mostly to the knees, ankles and just your Back is screwed up. You learn how to live with it however. Even after all of this, I wouldn't trade the experience of playing in the National Football League.
Name your all time favorite play (to watch, or that you played). Flea Flicker. Reverses, anything that screws with the defense.
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